Intel Will Seriusi Market " Wearable Gadgets "

Intel Will Seriusi Market " Wearable Gadgets " - In addition to venturing business mobile devices , Intel also wants a homemade processor is used in a device that can be used in the human body ( wearable gadgets ) . To pave the way , Intel has acquired startup Basic Science Inc. . , Bracelets manufacturers to record health activity .

Certainty is rumored acquisition by tech site Tech Crunch on Tuesday ( 25/03/2014 ) . However , Intel has not known the value of the acquisition over the Basic Science .


Before annexed Intel , Google reportedly had bid Basic Science with a dowry of 100 million U.S. dollars , and the offer was ultimately rejected . Most likely Intel filed a number of higher value .

Basic Science , which produces bracelets for fitness activities and health , said in its official blog that they will join the team within the organization to design wearable gadgets Intel .

Although it has been acquired by Intel , all devices will continue to be made ​​in Basic technical support .

Intel has not explained in detail what kind of wearable gadgets that will be made , whether in the form of health bracelet or smart watches .

But if you look at the track record of Basic Science , Basic product named B1 recognized to have superior performance in monitoring heart rate , blood flow , and body heat . Intel will likely make a wearable gadget with similar functionality , because such data that is currently sought by Intel .

In wearable gadget market , Intel still had to catch up with the other processor manufacturers , such as Qualcomm , Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics , which has made processors for a variety of wearable devices .

Challenge Intel in this segment of wearable gadget is quite difficult . Therefore , in addition to making processors and devices , Intel also had to make a complete solution so that more users are willing to adopt it .