Google Recruit Expert Fashion , For What ?

Google Recruit Expert Fashion , For What ? - In developing smart glasses Google Glass , Google does not only focus on purely technical matters . The company also noted the business of design , because it is they recruit a fashion expert to develop Google Glass .

Google has just recruited Ivy Ross , a well-known expert in the fashion and marketing . He effectively work in teams Google Glass on May 19, 2014 . Previously , he had worked for Calvin Klein , Swatch , Gap , Coatch , and others .


This time Ross was commissioned to change the public perception of Google Glass , that the product was a fashionable item and not only aimed at developers and technology enthusiasts only.

Google recently often marketed smart glasses in the fashion industry . September 2013 , Google Glass written by as many as 12 pages of fashion magazine Vogue . Google is also working with the New York Fashion Week that Google Glass can be used by the models .

Not to stop there , Google also promotes Google Glass through the NBA basketball league by embracing a number of players and clubs .